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Say Farewell to Dirty Room Service Trays in Hotel Hallways
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We work with the world’s most luxurious brands.

250,000+ Hotel Rooms in 30+ Countries

Reimagine Room Service

Enhance your guest experience while ensuring beautiful hotel hallways are never cluttered with dirty room service trays.

Tray Tracking Devices

TrayAway provides seamless tray retrieval with custom branded tracking devices.

Hotel Cleanliness

In a post-pandemic world, hotel cleanliness has never been more important.

Staff Efficiency

Improve staff efficiency by knowing the location and status of every tray and trolley on property.

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Guests Hate Dirty Trays

The first thing we noticed when checking into our room was a dirty tray in the hall. Several hours later it was still there even though we noticed staff working in the area!
On Saturday morning as we were headed to the pool, we had to step over a dirty tray and push a food cart out of the way. Pretty disappointing especially considering the high rate we were paying!
There were multiple dirty food trays in the hall during our stay. It really made us worry about how clean and sanitized our room as if you all can't pick up trays in a timely manner.

Our Features

Through extensive experience and broad expertise, we always offer the highest quality.

Hotel Cleanliness

Track all your room service trays and trolleys through your existing WiFi network.

Contactless Tray Retrieval

Assign specific rooms to individual team members to manage and improve the workload.

Contactless Service

Display tray location and status with an intuitive dashboard, create a wallboard.

Impeccably Clean Hallways

Impeccable hallways ensure hotel cleanliness and guest satisfaction.

Manage Labor Expenses

Manage expensive labor costs by eliminating manual tracking.

Contactless Tray Retrieval

Custom TrayAway devices provide guests the convenience of tray retrieval with a single click.

Affordable Wi-Fi Tracking

TrayAway was designed with your hotel's budget in mind. Affordable subscription options available.

Elevated In-Room Dining

A new travel trend shows many guests are researching hotels that offer full-service in-room dining prior to booking their hotel reservation. Now more than ever, guests are longing for an exquisite meal prepared by an exceptional culinary team to enjoy in the safety of their hotel room. TrayAway enhances the in-room dining experience with contactless tray retrieval and ensures beautiful hallways are never cluttered with dirty room service trays. 

Why Hotels Love TrayAway

The New Standard

Wi-Fi Enabled

Track all room service trays and trolleys through your existing Wi-Fi network

Intuitive Dashboard

In real-time, know the current location and status of all trays and trolleys throughout the hotel

Instant Notifications

Alert hotel staff with instant notifications to a computer, tablet, phone or touch device

Workload Management

Assign specific rooms to individual team members to manage the workload and improve efficiency

Performance Metrics

Extensive reporting with all rooms, deliveries, retrieval requests, completion times, average wait times and more

Staff Accountability

Record staff names on all action items allowing for follow-up and accountability